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We started SEQUENT in 2015 as an entrepreneurial experiment to create a smartwatch that generates the power supply by itself.
When we introduced the idea to some people of the Swiss watch industry, they thought we are “Horological Hippies” pursuing a mission impossible. In fact all the doubts and lack of vision, fuelled our creativity and we started to work day and night on feasibility studies and prototypes. We have spend all our savings, eventually presented our project to Kickstarter where we raised over CHF 1’200’000. Soon after, we have reached out to like-minded people that provide financial support to upscale production and continuous product development.
To date we can proudly say that we are the leading smart technology enterprise, specializing in the development of biomechanics energy harvesting system for wearables. With an international team of over 35 people we sets sail to manufacture the best Hybrid Smartwatches for your wrist, providing the ultimate user experience, sustainable, reliable and autonomous.

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